Wednesday, November 16, 2005

All you need to know about sleep

Sleep is becoming a topic that more and more people are interested in. There have been many new studies to help unlock the secretes of sleep. College students are too familiar with pulling all-nighters, last minute cramming for those big exams. But does it really pay off? How is sleeping related to memory? One article from discusses what part of memory is affected by lack of sleep. This picture of the brain shows and points to the different parts of the brain that are connected to memory. The picture above also shows in a little more detail how each part of the brain is connected to memory. In the very detailed article by Michael Miller titles "Questions and Answers" that was published in the Harvard Mental Health Letter, he talks about the two different sleep cycles called REM and NREM sleep. Each cycle is responsible for a different part of memory. Steven Kotler wrote an excellent article on what many college students are all too familiar with. In his article he discusses how pulling the all-nighters may not be the best way to remember all the information that they study. He also talks about not only the causes of sleep deprivation, but also ways to help one's self get a better sleep. It gives different treatments that are both medical and ones that cane be done just by changing lifestyle habits. This site is very informative on many different levels. There are many charts that help explain REM and NREM sleep and tells exactly how many hours of sleep people should get baised on age. There are also surveys that you can take to see how the average amount of sleep that you get a night compares to others who have taken the survey also. Another article from Harvard Mental Health Letter titled "Snooze Alarm: You Need Your Sleep" is another good source of information. It tells how important sleep is to your health and gives more examples of how to get a better nights sleep. On the other end of the spectrum, Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote and article stating that eight hours of sleep a night may not be needed. Although this article may be appealing to most college students, it's one of the only articles I found that takes that side on the issue. All-nighters sometimes can't be prevented, but in order to keep all of the information learned in college in our brains, we are going to need to get enough sleep.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Bad Website

Bad Website Qualities
1. unorganized
2. doesn't catch your eye
3. uninformative
4. bad links
5. plain

katie stevens and dana waters

Bad Website

Bad Website Qualities
1. unorganized
2. doesn't catch your eye
3. uninformative
4. bad links
5. plain

katie stevens and dana waters

Bad Website Qualities
1. unorganized
2. doesn't catch your eye
3. uninformative
4. bad links
5. plain

katie stevens and dana waters

Monday, October 31, 2005

Topic sources

I am going to write about how sleeping patterns of college students are different from other age groups and what affects these patterns.

Five Sources:
1)Source: Environmental Nutrition, Oct2000, Vol. 23 Issue 10, p1, 2p, 1 chart
Authors: Golub, Catherine
This article talks bout sleep-deprived Americans and what causes them not to be able to get the sleep they need and how to improve their sleeping habits.

2) Source: Postgraduate Medicine, Mar2000, Vol. 107 Issue 3, p161, 10p, 3 charts, 1c
Authors: Garcia, John; Wills, Laurel
This article talks about sleep disorders in children and teenagers.

3.)Source: Mental Health Weekly, 9/8/2003, Vol. 13 Issue 34, p8, 1p
This article talks about sleep depervation of college students and the effects of it.

4)Source: Behavioral Medicine, Fall2003, Vol. 29 Issue 3, p133-138, 6p, 2 charts
Authors: Chien-Ming Yang; Chih-Hsing Wu; Ming-Hui Hsieh; Ming-Hsiung Liu; Feng-Hwa Lu
This article talks about how college students sleeping pattern changes and the different ways of coping with it.

5)Source: Counselling Psychology Quarterly, Sep2002, Vol. 15 Issue 3, p229-237, 9p
Authors: Buboltz Jr, Walter C.; Soper, Barlow; Brown, Franklin; Jenkins, Steve
This article talks about different methods of coping with sleeping disorders for college age students.


Two things I learned at our session at the library:
1.) I didn't know how to use the card cat to look for books.
2.) I didn't know how to use the site where it gives you articles on the topic you want to research.

I didn't quite understand the part about how you can get books from other libraries. That would be something I would want to learn more about if I ever needed it.

Friday, October 21, 2005

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Lisa Mermoud

Everyone has a friend that makes them laugh every second they're with them. Lisa Mermoud is that friend for me. Her goal in life is to make sure people are having a good time and are happy. There's not a real reason to the order I put the pictures in because Lisa is so spontaneous it wouldn't have made sense to try to find an order. Each picture shows somthing about Lisa and how goofy she is. If I would have just told you the silly things Lisa did, like how she wrecked Matt's scooter, you would have been like "she's stupid." But seeing Lisa dragging behind the scooter in one of my photos will make anyone laugh.
The link to my photo essay is

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

When Communication was Difficult....

Most people who chose this prompt probably have this big story about when they were in a different coutry and they didn't speak the language. Mines not that exciting, but it does have to do with a different language. I took three years of french in high school. I most definatly wasn't the best in my class. There were only four of us all three years. I was the worse out of all of them! I did pretty good in first year, but most of the class was taught in english. Second year was a little more difficult, but I managed. Now third year, wow. The entire class was in french and we got yelled out if we talked in english. This wasn't a problem for the other three people, but I only had the knowledge of about a second year because I was a total slacker! We would have these discussions that lasted the entire hour and a half class period that were all in french. Obviously I didn't participate that much. Whenever she asked me a question it took me about 10 minutes to come up with an answer for it. My grade definatly showed this! I think somehow I was able to pull off a C-. Here's the funny part. All of our grades were lost for both semesters of third year, and our teacher and counseler had no idea what happened. So my teacher decided just to give all of us A's. Lucky me!

My family's way of communicating...

Most families have a set system on communicating (cell phones). My family didn't get cells phones until this past summer. Well, my mom had one, but I think she thought it was for decoration because she never had it turned on! My parents work all the time so whenever I wanted to go out with my friends and they weren't there I just left them a note. This sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. One time it most definatly didn't was at the begining of the summer. I was going out with my friend sara and was going to spend the night with her. I left a note taped to the computer screen where I thought my parents would see it. Apparently they didn't. I turned off my phone at sara's because it was getting ready to die and I didn't have my charger. I woke up the next morning to three new voice mails. I knew right then it was my mom. The first one, she was calm, "You need to call me". The second, a little more angry, "Where are you? call me now!" The third was the kicker, "I don't know where you are or what you're doing! But you're in so much trouble! You better call me right now!!" I was like what the heck?! I called her and told her where I had put the note and somehow she didn't see it. I don't know how, but she didn't. I think she was embaressed because she was still furious and made me come home. This is why notes probably aren't the best way of communicating in families.

talking myself out of trouble...

Talking myself out of trouble is a skill I've been able to perfect in my 18 years. I don't know if it's something I'm supposed to be proud of, but it definatly comes in very handy! One of the very first times I talked myself out of trouble was when I was about in 8th or 9th grade. My parents were very strict and I had to be home way earlier then any of my friends. Well I don't know if cruising is as popular in other towns as it is in a town very near to mine, but it's something you did every weekend! The real true cruising doesn't start untill about 11 and of course, I had to be home at 9. I of course thought this was rediculous and I was going to stay out and be cool with my friends. When I got home about 12:30ish my parents were not happy at all! They were ready to call the cops and the hospitals. They were freaking out! So of course I had to think of something quick, excuses! I told them that we went and got somthing to eat. Then we had to take someone home that lived accross town. We realized we were low on gas and had to stop and get that. And of course the tears were flowing, I found that will always work to your advantage. I didn't talk my way out of all punishment, but I most definatly talked my way out of most of it. My parents kind of caught on to the whole thing when I was about 17 and it started to not work as well with them. But I still think I'm pretty good at it.

Helping someone read...

This isn't a promt that we were given but I think it was something that was very meaningful to me. This past year our school's head football coach came to me and asked if I would be interested in helping a second grader with his reading. I love little kids so of course I agreed. It turned out this little boy lived down the street from me and his grandpa was one of my favorite teachers. So I met with Braydon's reading recovery teacher to get some tips on how to help him. She was very helpful. The first time I met with Braydon he was very shy and didn't want to talk much. He hated wearing his reading glasses and wouldn't wear them at all. So I made a deal with him that I would wear my glasses if he promised to wear his. It worked. It was amazing being able to see how much Braydon improved just over the few months I got to work with him. At first he stumbled over every word, trying to sound out each part of the word. So he kind of read like a robot. He was very ashamed of this and was afraid to read in front of people. At times he got very discourged and told me "I'm only in second grade! I can't read!" I explained to him that reading will be a part of his life forever and if we worked on it, he would become a great reader. He must have really believed me because by the last time I met with him it was like a totally different person was in there with me. He was excited to see me coming down the hall and he couldn't wait to get his books out and read. Although his reading wasn't perfect, he had the confidence to read in class. Braydon taught me so much. How to have confidence in yourself and to keep trying when it doesn't seem like you can accomplish your goal.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Fish out of water...

I was always the outgoing one in my group of friends and at my school. I liked to be funny and wanted to make sure everyone was laughing at all times. Whether it be in class, at lunch, or at pratice I was always being goofy. The first time I ever felt like I couldn't be outgoing was at orientation here at Ball State. That's crazy because that would have been the best time to make new friends. But for some reason I didn't want to talk. I had been so used to the same people for all those years and I felt really confortable with them. Then all of a sudden I was with a whole group of new people that I didn't know. If there had been maybe one or two people I knew maybe it would have been different. I guess this was a good experience for me to go through. Now that I'm at Ball State, I'm not always going to be around my friends and there's going to be times when I have to talk to people I've never met before.

First memory of someone reading to me....

It's story time in Mrs. Cain's class. Everyone sits in a circle around her rocking chair. She's wearing her silly reading glasses that rest on the end of her nose. This is how i remember the first time someone read a book to me. Mrs. Cain was my second grade teacher. I know that's a lot later then most people would remember. But she always read with such enthusiasim and made us excited for story time to come. She didn't always read books to us, once a week she would read our stories we wrote. It made you feel really special when your story got picked.