Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Literacy is usually defined as being able to read and write. I think there are different levels of literacy. A first grader that is just learning how to read short stories has a lower literacy level then say a college student. The first grader may be able to read short stories or books only because their brains may not be able to comprehend too much information at on time. If they are just learning how to read, they are mostly concentrating on getting the words right and sounding them out first. Then they concentrate on what they read meant. College students have a higher literacy level. They no long have to concentrate on what the words mean and saying them right. They worry more about what the meaning of what they are reading.


Blogger Fred Johnson said...

Love the idea of literacy increasing through life, as we learn more and mature in our intellectual abilities. An dthat maturing process can go on and on . . .

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