Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Helping someone read...

This isn't a promt that we were given but I think it was something that was very meaningful to me. This past year our school's head football coach came to me and asked if I would be interested in helping a second grader with his reading. I love little kids so of course I agreed. It turned out this little boy lived down the street from me and his grandpa was one of my favorite teachers. So I met with Braydon's reading recovery teacher to get some tips on how to help him. She was very helpful. The first time I met with Braydon he was very shy and didn't want to talk much. He hated wearing his reading glasses and wouldn't wear them at all. So I made a deal with him that I would wear my glasses if he promised to wear his. It worked. It was amazing being able to see how much Braydon improved just over the few months I got to work with him. At first he stumbled over every word, trying to sound out each part of the word. So he kind of read like a robot. He was very ashamed of this and was afraid to read in front of people. At times he got very discourged and told me "I'm only in second grade! I can't read!" I explained to him that reading will be a part of his life forever and if we worked on it, he would become a great reader. He must have really believed me because by the last time I met with him it was like a totally different person was in there with me. He was excited to see me coming down the hall and he couldn't wait to get his books out and read. Although his reading wasn't perfect, he had the confidence to read in class. Braydon taught me so much. How to have confidence in yourself and to keep trying when it doesn't seem like you can accomplish your goal.


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