Wednesday, September 14, 2005

When Communication was Difficult....

Most people who chose this prompt probably have this big story about when they were in a different coutry and they didn't speak the language. Mines not that exciting, but it does have to do with a different language. I took three years of french in high school. I most definatly wasn't the best in my class. There were only four of us all three years. I was the worse out of all of them! I did pretty good in first year, but most of the class was taught in english. Second year was a little more difficult, but I managed. Now third year, wow. The entire class was in french and we got yelled out if we talked in english. This wasn't a problem for the other three people, but I only had the knowledge of about a second year because I was a total slacker! We would have these discussions that lasted the entire hour and a half class period that were all in french. Obviously I didn't participate that much. Whenever she asked me a question it took me about 10 minutes to come up with an answer for it. My grade definatly showed this! I think somehow I was able to pull off a C-. Here's the funny part. All of our grades were lost for both semesters of third year, and our teacher and counseler had no idea what happened. So my teacher decided just to give all of us A's. Lucky me!


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