Monday, October 31, 2005

Topic sources

I am going to write about how sleeping patterns of college students are different from other age groups and what affects these patterns.

Five Sources:
1)Source: Environmental Nutrition, Oct2000, Vol. 23 Issue 10, p1, 2p, 1 chart
Authors: Golub, Catherine
This article talks bout sleep-deprived Americans and what causes them not to be able to get the sleep they need and how to improve their sleeping habits.

2) Source: Postgraduate Medicine, Mar2000, Vol. 107 Issue 3, p161, 10p, 3 charts, 1c
Authors: Garcia, John; Wills, Laurel
This article talks about sleep disorders in children and teenagers.

3.)Source: Mental Health Weekly, 9/8/2003, Vol. 13 Issue 34, p8, 1p
This article talks about sleep depervation of college students and the effects of it.

4)Source: Behavioral Medicine, Fall2003, Vol. 29 Issue 3, p133-138, 6p, 2 charts
Authors: Chien-Ming Yang; Chih-Hsing Wu; Ming-Hui Hsieh; Ming-Hsiung Liu; Feng-Hwa Lu
This article talks about how college students sleeping pattern changes and the different ways of coping with it.

5)Source: Counselling Psychology Quarterly, Sep2002, Vol. 15 Issue 3, p229-237, 9p
Authors: Buboltz Jr, Walter C.; Soper, Barlow; Brown, Franklin; Jenkins, Steve
This article talks about different methods of coping with sleeping disorders for college age students.


Two things I learned at our session at the library:
1.) I didn't know how to use the card cat to look for books.
2.) I didn't know how to use the site where it gives you articles on the topic you want to research.

I didn't quite understand the part about how you can get books from other libraries. That would be something I would want to learn more about if I ever needed it.

Friday, October 21, 2005

search terms

2.Sleeping Disorders
4.Healthy sleep patterns
5.Young adults sleep
6.College students and sleep
7.Why sleep
8.restful sleep
9.How to get restful sleep
10.sleeping positions
11.effects of too much sleep
12.effects of too little sleep
13.what keeps people awake
14.why do young adult/college students stay up late
15.falling asleep
18.sleeping medications
20.sleep walking

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Lisa Mermoud

Everyone has a friend that makes them laugh every second they're with them. Lisa Mermoud is that friend for me. Her goal in life is to make sure people are having a good time and are happy. There's not a real reason to the order I put the pictures in because Lisa is so spontaneous it wouldn't have made sense to try to find an order. Each picture shows somthing about Lisa and how goofy she is. If I would have just told you the silly things Lisa did, like how she wrecked Matt's scooter, you would have been like "she's stupid." But seeing Lisa dragging behind the scooter in one of my photos will make anyone laugh.
The link to my photo essay is